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LoudDoc Lifetime Deal (LTD)

If you’re looking for a way to add audio and video notations to your presentations, newsletters, brochures, and documents. LoudDoc is the perfect tool for you. It provides a simple way to record audio and video notes for adding to your web documents. This creates trust with clients because they know you are taking the time to capture their thoughts and feelings.

LoudDoc allows users to add audio and video notations to their files. These notations can help build trust with clients and make the information more memorable. By adding these notations, you can show that you’re taking the time to understand your client’s needs and that you’re invested in delivering a quality product. This will help build trust and lead to smoother negotiations.

LoudDoc lets you personalize your marketing content by creating interactive, easily distributable web documents enhanced with audio and video notations. With LoudDoc, you can create documents with links. And the audio and video notations let you include sound clips and videos with these documents. This allows you to create engaging and informative presentations that are sure to engage your target audience. LoudDoc also makes it easy to include multimedia elements, making your content even more interesting and interactive for your viewers.

Features Of LoudDoc

Can Record Audio & Video Notations

LoudDoc allows users to record audio and video notations for web documents. You can record your custom audio or video to include this audio or video file with your web documents. LoudDoc comes with easy to use option for recording your notations.

LoudDoc is a handy tool that lets you narrate any page directly from your webcam or microphone. Just open the app, select the file you want to turn into a LoudDoc, and start talking.

Can Upload Audio & Video Notations File

LoudDoc is a software that can be used to upload audio and video notations files with their documents. Users can upload files like PDFs and other documents. With these documents, users can add and upload their pre-recorded audio and video notations.

Share Documents With Branded Links

LoudDoc allows you to share web documents with branded links. It makes it easy to share documents with colleagues and clients. Plus, LoudDoc offers a variety of features that make it an efficient way to work. You can also add your custom domain to this tool for creating custom web links

Get Real Time Customer Engagement Data

LoudDoc is real-time customer engagement data that lets you see how people are interacting with your web documents. It gives you insights into how well your content is performing and allows you to quickly fix issues. It gives you real-time insights into how your web documents are being used. LoudDoc is also a real-time customer engagement data tool that allows you to see how much time people are spending on your web documents, how many people have clicked on links, and how many people have opened them.

Alternative To

LoudDoc is an alternative to tools like Loom, Vidyard, and Dropbox DocSend. It is a web-based document management system that allows users to create and share documents with others quickly and easily.

Use Cases

Upload: Start by uploading your PDF, document, or presentation file.

Record: Record video or voice only on the page you want to narrate.

Share: With a single branded web link, customers can watch on any device.

More Features Included For All Plans

  • Update at any time
  • Presentation themes
  • Edit existing LoudDocs
  • Your domain name and brand
  • 1-minute narration per page
  • Real-time event notifications
  • Unlimited collection
  • Live feedback button

Pros & Cons Of LoudDoc


  • Can add audio notations with document
  • Can add video notations with document
  • File sharing with custom links
  • User data tracking
  • Real-time feedback notification


  • None

LoudDoc Lifetime Deal Pricing

LoudDoc available for a lifetime deal for a limited time only. So grab this great deal now. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can always return it within 60 days for a full refund without any reason.

License Tier 1: It is $69 for 8 active LoudDocs (at a time) with 250 MB upload capacity per LoudDoc.

License Tier 2: It is $139 for 200 active LoudDocs (at a time) with 500 MB upload capacity per LoudDoc.


LoudDoc lets users personalize their marketing content by creating interactive, easily distributable web documents enhanced with audio and video notations. This makes the documents more engaging for viewers, and it also allows marketers to attach sound and video files to specific points in the document, making it easier for them to illustrate specific points. Not only does this help you create a more engaging document, it also creates a stronger connection with your client.

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