CommandBar Lifetime Deal

CommandBar optimizes your app’s user experience with in-app hints, magic search, and checklists, so you retain more users. CommandBar is a UX optimization platform that gives you everything you need to help users navigate your app seamlessly. Add magic search and command bars to let people jump directly to the content, page or function they want.

CommandBar Use Cases

  • Improve user retention with in-app tips, checklists, and product tours that show them how to use your app
  • Use the magic search bar to give users easy access to any page, feature or article

CommandBar Key Features

Help Users Access The Content & Functionality They Want With Magic Search

With the CommandBar, you can guide users with in-app prompts and checklists so they can explore specific features or review higher-level plans. You’ll be able to use in-app push for product tours and announcements, or to provide helpful context to confusing screens.

Prepare Your Users For Success With In-App Tips

With the HelpHub widget for CommandBar, you can make your help desk easily accessible and save users the hassle of searching the internet for solutions. The widget supports natural language search, which means users can use common keywords to find exactly what they need.

Enhance Your In-App Help Desk With Searchable Guides, Articles, & Videos

Best of all, CommandBar includes pre-made skins and fine-tuned styling controls so you can create a branded, professional experience for your users. Use metadata to set user conditions, create rules based on page or element visibility, and fire events – all without any coding!


With $49 plan, you will get:

  • Up to 3,500 monthly active users
  • Nudges
  • Questlists (checklists for action items)
  • Appcues integration
  • Unlimited interactions
  • 10 commands
  • 1 user editors

With $129 plan, you will get:

  • All features above included
  • 40 commands
  • 2 user editors
  • Remove ‘Powered-by’ branding
  • Automatic help center sync

With $289 plan, you will get:

  • All features above included
  • Unlimited commands
  • 5 user editors
  • Remove ‘Powered-by’ branding
  • Automatic help center sync
  • White labeling

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