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BugPilot Lifetime Deal

BugPilot Lifetime Deal [LTD At $49]

BugPilot is an AI-powered bug tracker that helps you identify and fix bugs in your software faster, without relying on user reports. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, it automatically detects and fixes the most common bugs in any software project.

BugPilot can be used to quickly detect and eliminate performance issues, memory leaks, incorrect data processing or UI elements, as well as other coding errors. With this tool, you won’t need to bother users with manual bug reports anymore; instead, it will detect the issue at its source and provide a comprehensive review of possible solutions for quick resolution.

Bugpilot Use Cases

Bugpilot is an AI-powered platform that helps developers track, identify and fix user-facing bugs. It uses sophisticated algorithms to prioritize bugs based on user impact, severity and other factors. With the help of this platform, developers can quickly identify critical issues in their product and prioritize them for fixing. The platform also provides detailed reports about bug trends so that developers have full visibility into their product’s health over time.

Generate bug reports without any user reports

BugPilot is an application designed to help developers easily generate comprehensive bug reports, with screen recordings and a list of steps for easy replication. This helps streamline the debugging process by making it easier to replicate and identify problems. With BugPilot, developers can save time they would typically spend manually entering data into a spreadsheet or writing detailed reports.

Detect errors and solve issues with AI

BugPilot is an AI-driven bug reporting platform that helps developers save time and effort by automatically scanning code for errors. It can detect issues with your code, provide AI-corrected code to fix them, and allow you to copy-paste the fix right into your project. The automated process means developers can quickly identify and repair coding mistakes without any manual labor.

Detect hidden bugs

BugPilot is a robust automated bug testing platform that helps detect and fix frontend and UX issues. It continuously scans your application and provides you with actionable feedback on potential problems before they become major headaches. With BugPilot, you don’t have to constantly monitor your software for bugs – it does the hard work for you!

The app uses advanced algorithms to evaluate user experience and identify errors that could potentially disrupt customer satisfaction. This helps developers prioritize bug fixes based on their impact. Users are also able to provide feedback about potential issues, enabling developers to quickly address any concerns that arise. Additionally, BugPilot notifies users when it identifies a bug so they can take corrective action right away.

Plans & Features

  • Lifetime access to Bugpilot
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Integration with Intercom, Crisp, LiveChat, Slack, Notion, Jira, Trello, Zapier, and more
  • Comprehensive data controls and privacy settings
  • All future Team Plan updates
  • 60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

Cost of the BugPilot AppSumo Lifetime Deal

BugPilot’s regular price starts from $14 to $499+ per month. At this moment AppSumo offering a lifetime deal only for $49.


BugPilot AppSumo lifetime deal is a great opportunity for those looking to improve their software. So don’t miss the deal.

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